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Do you even have the rights?

January 27 2021


We're discussing taboo topics on a whole other level, with this blog post focussing on women's rights around abortion...

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Are you as clean as a whistle...?

December 19 2020

Dear Diary, 

We’ve been a little promiscuous, basking in the glow of our sexual liberation, but may have tested STI positive once or twice on our journey...

Anybody else?


orgasm, orgasmic breathing, breathwork

Can you C♡M from breathing?

December 9 2020

Rumour has it that apparently breathing can also give you orgasms. So we obviously had to jump at this and figure out how we could get the tingles and pleasurable occurrences just through our everyday breath! We’ve heard all these exciting things about breathing that are more than just keeping you alive...

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The quest for great S♡X!

December 9 2020

If we had a dollar for every lousy sexual encounter we’d had, we would be all together sipping coconuts on a beach in Bali by now. Something that has brought us all together as a collective is our common experiences when it comes to not communicating our needs and desires when it comes to S.E.X. 

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Grab 'er by the P♡ssy...

December 9 2020

We’ve been in some sticky situations recently, with some uncomfortable conversations, some grimaced faces and some shaking heads…& it’s all around one thing. What we call her, and by her we mean; Our P♡ssy

Silver necklace, pink bikini, female, body positive

Not Just A Pretty P♡ssy

December 9 2020

Let's get this straight - this is not just about a pretty P♡ssy.

This is about a voice, a voice that supports you and adores you in your full expression.

A voice that reminds you each and every day, as you look in the mirror, that YOU, you are power, beauty and the ultimate goddess!