Can you C♡M from breathing?

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Dear Diary,

Rumour has it that apparently breathing can also give you orgasms.

So we obviously had to jump at this and figure out how we could get the tingles and pleasurable occurrences just through our everyday breath!

We’ve heard all these exciting things about breathing that are more than just keeping you alive...we’ve heard that by connecting to our breath that tingles, lightheadedness and pleasurable occurrences can also take place!

It’s known that we have an orgasm, our whole body tends to tense up whilst we ‘bear down’ on our pelvic floor and hold our breath, awaiting the magic to happen.

But what if we told you that you could; 1. Extend your orgasm & 2. Have a totally different experience, all just by using your breath? 

We understand that with the tensions of this year, it’s hard to let go and just focus on your breathing, but according to Kim Anami, holistic health coach, breathwork is known to calm an overactive and distracted mind, bringing you back into your body and the present moment - which in turn can relax you into pleasure and orgasm. 

So, here at Charlie Ella, we had to find out more.

We dived into the social media stratosphere head first and found an ultimate breathwork babe.

Incoming; a Pussy holding, pleasure seeking, Bali based goddess that is Sara Silverstein, a woman who is both powerful beyond measure and holds space for all as she guides them through breathwork experiences like no other.

But for those of you who haven’t heard of breakwork, what even is it?

Breathwork is known as an active meditation technique that facilitates an emotional release, through allowing you to disconnect from the present, let go of the past and get you out of your busy mind and body. Thus, allowing you to experience anything from  trauma release, visualisations all the way to orgasms!


We often live such busy lives and one of the biggest killers of our sexual desires, other than lack of self-love & acceptance is stress!

Sara Silverstein explains that a lot of us are known as high chest breathers, which means we don’t tend to utilise our full lung capacity, bringing in more oxygen to the body and allowing ourselves to take that minute to connect back to ourselves and to our breath.

By connecting more deeply, we are able to take the body into a relaxed state, allowing ourselves to check in on those more pleasurable areas, whether with or without a partner. Through deeper breathing we are actually able to contract our pelvic floor in a more efficient manner and through those contractions we are able to create deeper and more pleasurable orgasms whether penetrative or not. 

Orgasms are all about trust. Both in yourself and/or the individual/s in which you are with.

Therefore, it’s time to trust in yourself, trust in your breath and start having some fun!

Fancy some support?

Look no further then our very own International Breathwork Guide, Sara Silverstein. 

Check out her upcoming workshops OR jump onto a 1:1 with her. We assure you, this is everything you have been waiting for. 

With love & breathing, 

Charlie Ella & The P♡ssy Diaries 

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