Grab 'er by the P♡ssy...

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Dear Diary, 

We’ve been in some sticky situations recently, with some uncomfortable conversations, some grimaced faces and some shaking heads…

& it’s all around one thing.

What we call her, and by her we mean;

Our P♡ssy.

How does the word make you feel?

A little uneasy?

The word itself, feels quite heavy, maybe a little awkward at times? And the way you feel is completely relevant, especially to our times.

Words have history and lives to tell as their own, they morph, develop and change & P♡ssy is no exception.

From giggling about it between friends, to hearing it through Porn, to listening to males call each other it when they are not ‘manly’ enough. Our poor girl has been through the wringer. 

Through research, P♡ssy was found to be used in an affectionate, non sexual way towards women from the 1500’s, an era where science dictated that women with a clitoris were seen as ‘abnormal’ - MADNESS! Just to clarify, our clits have over 8000 nerve endings, and it is very normal indeed to have one. 

As research developed, so did the word. 

Many can find the term P♡ssy quite terrifying, we have been brought up to fear all things female genitalia - I mean, they bleed, they push out babies, they sometimes smell a little, they change during our cycle, some have orgasms, some have large labia, others have prominent cliterous’, some squirt & some, god forbid, have hair, P♡ssies are quite literally these unbeknown creatures that many of us fear so hastily.

& one of our main fears is around the word itself!

Porn has created a generalised sexual connotation around the word, created by a male centered industry where the power behind the word came from over-dramatised sex, pushing us all to self sabotage not only our P♡ssies but often our love lives too!

Over the years, thanks to the burning of bras & feminism, we, as a collective, have become empowered to reclaim and take the so-called ‘vulgar’ and pornographic word back with force!

We are liberating ourselves once more and forming our P♡ssy movement, to connect back and bring the feminine power, love, lust and connection back to ourselves and what gives males, females, other genders and ourselves, some excitement between the thighs...

So how does Charlie Ella & The P♡ssy Project come into play here you ask?

Well, we are here to support this movement in its entirety.

To reclaim her.
To reclaim the word.
& to give power and purpose to our Pussies.
To love her unconditionally.
To take a mirror, place it between our legs and say out loud - you, my P♡ssy friend, are beautiful.

It’s time.

This doesn’t mean we are enforcing the word onto you, by all means take charge of what you choose to call her, write the names down, find comfort in it’s beauty. But we are here to support your journey, bring knowledge to our bodies, connect with other empowered beings worldwide & just have some fun along the way!

Because at the end of this all, the point of reclaiming and taking power of the word is to do whatever the hell we want with it.

From ours to yours,

With Love,

Charlie Ella & The P♡ssy Diaries

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