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The quest for great S♡X!

December 9 2020

If we had a dollar for every lousy sexual encounter we’d had, we would be all together sipping coconuts on a beach in Bali by now. Something that has brought us all together as a collective is our common experiences when it comes to not communicating our needs and desires when it comes to S.E.X. 

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Grab 'er by the P♡ssy...

December 9 2020

We’ve been in some sticky situations recently, with some uncomfortable conversations, some grimaced faces and some shaking heads…& it’s all around one thing. What we call her, and by her we mean; Our P♡ssy

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Not Just A Pretty P♡ssy

December 9 2020

Let's get this straight - this is not just about a pretty P♡ssy.

This is about a voice, a voice that supports you and adores you in your full expression.

A voice that reminds you each and every day, as you look in the mirror, that YOU, you are power, beauty and the ultimate goddess!