Started in 2020, a year of global shift and change.
A year of transformation.
Bringing attention to our once considered conditioned behaviours and beliefs and debunking each myth as each new day came. 
Once a lost and numb teenager, carrying shame and lack of understanding. Now a Female on a mission of self exploration, acceptance and meaning. Standing in power of self expression, confidence and acceptance of sexuality. I am learning to love my PSSY, whilst encouraging other women and other self identifying women to do the same.
CHARLIE ELLA - P♡SSY POWER is first of many collections. A beautiful and carefully designed pendant with an ambition to change mindsets and stimulate conversation.
Here to amplify voices, stories and challenge taboo topics. 
Here to petition to change the meaning behind the word PUSSY (Cambridge Dictionary considered it offensive), along with many others. 
Let it be known our genitals are not offensive. They are not here to be shamed, quietened and left unspoken. 
Charlie Ella is here to support individuals to take ownership of their bodies, to normalise topics that we are so afraid to speak of and to give power back to what ultimately has given us life, our beautiful and unique Pussies. 
Charlie Ella’s brand aspires to promote a healthy and positive outlook on female sexuality and encompass a broad range of matters from body positivity, insecurities, sexual shame and guilt, low self-esteem to confidence, and self-worth.
Charlie Ella x